Founder and President of TKFI — Soke Del Saito

Del Saito is one of the most highly respected Karate instructors today, and his expertise in Shito-ryu Karate-do has made a great impact on many Karate practitioners throughout the world.  Saito Soke continues his martial arts journey as a committed leader who doesn’t allow politics to influence his teaching philosophy of Karate-do to all those that seek his guidance.

Saito was presented the Hanshi degree from Kenzo Soke, the highest teaching title of his style. He was also given permission by Kenzo Mabuni to continue his understanding of Shito-ryu while providing him with a direct line to him.
For many years Saito served as National Director for the International Karate Federation of Hawaii, and National Executive Director for Karate for the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States.

Inducted into the International Karate Hall of Fame in 1994, he has also won numerous awards for his leadership and dedication in martial arts as well as for other sports.
Forty-five years of teaching Karate has led to a strong traditionalist approach with an openness to new ideas and concepts for growth. Teaching Karate for more than technique, he attempts to help people find themselves, to discover their creativity and their capacity for overall growth through Karate. He believes that there is much growth in each person and sees his purpose as that of nourishing the seed so that his student’s potential may be reached. His understanding of Karate-do is to preserve the true essence of the art by maintaining a committed spirit to preserve human decency with Godliness, honesty, trustworthiness, humility, understanding, compassion bravery, fairness, discipline and commitment.

“Karate-do is a special vehicle that can help restore the positive values of our world and Karate practitioners can have a great impact for the betterment of mankind.”