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The Traditional Karate Federation International is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Saito-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do in the United States of America and around the world. TKFI is an umbrella organization comprised of independent member dojos from all over the world.  TKFI USA is dedicated to helping and promoting member dojos, instructors, and students with technical expertise in the art of karate-do.   Additionally, we strive to be a value added organization dedicated to helping our member  grow and build their skills for success.

What we offer

By becoming a member of TKFI, you will now be part of an internationally recognized traditional karate organization.  This membership allows direct access to one of the world’s great traditional karate teachers, 10th Dan and founder of TKFI, Soke Del Saito.  Additionally, you will have access to our ranking and promotion system, teaching materials, and a wide range of karate professionals ready to help you succeed in your karate goals.  You will also become part of a lasting tradition that will keep you motivated and inspired in your karate journey.

Why we are different

We believe that traditional karate is not just something you do, but something you live.  We strive to represent the ideals in classical karate in our everyday lives.  As quoted by Kenwa Mabuni “Karate is life and life is karate”.

If you are looking for a traditional karate home that provides you technical support and guidance in the arts of traditional karate, please consider taking a look at our membership options. We are excited to help dojos, instructors, and students thrive in the karate lifestyle.

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